Activity-loop in Varde town center

Explore Varde

Varde is a historic market town with unique nature all the way into the town center. Two activity-loops – A Nature-loop and a Culture-loop – guide you to the town centers’ pearls, and with Varde-loop you’ll enjoy many small stories about the towns nature, history, art and personalities.

Nikolaikirkestraede i købstaden Varde - fuld af oplevelser


Cultural highlights in Varde

The Culture-loop will guide you to the market towns historic streets and buildings. Read e.g. stories about the towns’ cultural history and town centers’ exciting art.

Varde Å i købstaden Varde


Exciting activities in Vardes’ nature

The Nature-loop will take you to Varde River National Park and Arnbjerg Park. Attractive natural areas around the town of Varde are linked with stories about animal life, biology and cultural history.

Varde Miniby - købstaden Varde i miniature

Especially for children

Fun places for kids around the town of Varde

The Varde-loop will take you to many places that are both exciting and educational for children.

Gå op opdagelsen i købstaden Varde med Vardeloop

Get inspired

Nature-loop & Culture-loop

Getting started

Here’s how

You can find Culture-loop, Nature-loop and Varde-loop on PC, tablet and cellphone.

Use you cellphone: Click on “Show TITLE” to see user advice. Click on “Hide TITLE” afterwards to allow full-screen stories.

Choose between 3 tabs: “List” gives a list of all the stories. “Map” shows a map of town center with routes and “Media” shows the chosen story.

How to see the stories

You can get an overview of all stories by using the “list” tab. If you use a PC, you can see the story by clicking on the arrows. The chosen story is shown under the “media” tab – choose “map” or “list” to return to the start page. You can also browse between stories at the bottom of the screen – click to see the chosen story.

How to see the routes

Choose the “map” tab to see the routes and to see where the stories take place. You can also zoom in to the map to see sections of routes. The Culture-loop is green, and the Nature-loop is brown. Click on a number to find a particular story – red stories belong to the Nature-loop and green stories to the Culture-loop. If you click on the story, you’ll see the whole story together with the picture. The dashed lines mark alternative routes

How to find out where you are

Click on the circle ikon, and the map will show your present location.

The map also shows the location of public toilets in the town center.